Uses of Class

Packages that use Scope Contains the core API to be used to implement checks. 

Uses of Scope in

Fields in declared as Scope
static Scope Scope.ANONINNER
          anon inner scope.
static Scope Scope.NOTHING
          nothing scope.
static Scope Scope.PACKAGE
          package scope.
static Scope Scope.PRIVATE
          private scope.
static Scope Scope.PROTECTED
          protected scope.
static Scope Scope.PUBLIC
          public scope.

Methods in that return Scope
static Scope Scope.getInstance(String aScopeName)
          Scope factory method.
static Scope ScopeUtils.getScopeFromMods(DetailAST aMods)
          Returns the Scope specified by the modifier set.
static Scope ScopeUtils.getSurroundingScope(DetailAST aAST)
          Returns the scope of the surrounding "block".

Methods in with parameters of type Scope
 boolean Scope.isIn(Scope aScope)
          Checks if this scope is a subscope of another scope.

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