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Packages that use Status
net.dpml.component Interfaces defining the internal 'component' model. 

Uses of Status in net.dpml.component

Fields in net.dpml.component declared as Status
static Status Status.INSTANTIATED
          The provider has been instantiated but remains uncommissioned.
static Status Status.COMMISSIONING
          The provider is in the process of commissioning its internal structure following which the provider will attempt to establish a instance value and transition to AVAILABLE.
static Status Status.AVAILABLE
          The provider has successfully established the target instance.
static Status Status.DECOMMISSIONING
          The provider is in the process of decommissioning it's internal parts.
static Status Status.DISPOSED
          The provider is not longer available.

Methods in net.dpml.component that return Status
 Status StatusEvent.getOldStatus()
          Return the prior status value.
 Status StatusEvent.getNewStatus()
          Return the status value.
static Status[] Status.values()
          Returns an array of activation enum values.
static Status Status.parse(String value)
          Parse the supplied name.
 Status Provider.getStatus()
          Return the current status of the provider.

Constructors in net.dpml.component with parameters of type Status
StatusEvent(Provider source, Status oldStatus, Status newStatus)
          Construct a new StatusEvent.