Uses of Interface

Packages that use CacheModel
net.dpml.transit The transit package contains the primary runtime classes within the Transit resource management system. 
net.dpml.transit.model The model package contains a set of interfaces that define an active configuration model. 

Uses of CacheModel in net.dpml.transit

Methods in net.dpml.transit that return CacheModel
 CacheModel DefaultTransitModel.getCacheModel()
          Return the cache model.

Uses of CacheModel in net.dpml.transit.model

Methods in net.dpml.transit.model that return CacheModel
 CacheModel TransitModel.getCacheModel()
          Return the cache model.
 CacheModel CacheEvent.getCacheModel()
          Return the cache model that initiating the event.
 CacheModel CacheDirectoryChangeEvent.getCacheModel()
          Return the source cache model that rased the event.

Constructors in net.dpml.transit.model with parameters of type CacheModel
CacheEvent(CacheModel source, HostModel host)
          Construction of a new cache change event.
CacheDirectoryChangeEvent(CacheModel source, String path)
          Creation of a new cache directory change event.