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Packages that use HostModel
net.dpml.transit.model The model package contains a set of interfaces that define an active configuration model. 

Uses of HostModel in net.dpml.transit.model

Methods in net.dpml.transit.model that return HostModel
 HostModel HostEvent.getHostModel()
          Return the host model that this event pertains to.
 HostModel[] CacheModel.getHostModels()
          Return the array of hosts configured for the cache.
 HostModel CacheModel.getHostModel(String id)
          Return an identified host model.
 HostModel CacheEvent.getHostModel()
          Return the host model that was added or removed.

Constructors in net.dpml.transit.model with parameters of type HostModel
HostPriorityEvent(HostModel host, int priority)
          Creation of a new host priority change event.
HostNameEvent(HostModel host, String name)
          Creation of a new host name change event.
HostLayoutEvent(HostModel host, LayoutModel layout)
          Event signalliing the change to a host layout model.
HostEvent(HostModel source)
          Creation of a new host event.
HostChangeEvent(HostModel host, URL base, URL index, RequestIdentifier identifier, PasswordAuthentication auth, boolean enabled, boolean trusted)
          Creation of a new host change event.
CacheEvent(CacheModel source, HostModel host)
          Construction of a new cache change event.