Uses of Interface

Packages that use LayoutModel
net.dpml.transit.model The model package contains a set of interfaces that define an active configuration model. 

Uses of LayoutModel in net.dpml.transit.model

Methods in net.dpml.transit.model that return LayoutModel
 LayoutModel[] LayoutRegistryModel.getLayoutModels()
          Return the set of location resolver models.
 LayoutModel LayoutRegistryModel.getLayoutModel(String id)
          Return a layout resolver model matching the supplied id.
 LayoutModel LayoutRegistryEvent.getLayoutModel()
          Return the resolver model that was added or removed.
 LayoutModel LayoutEvent.getLayoutModel()
          Return the layout model that was modified.
 LayoutModel HostModel.getLayoutModel()
          Return the layout strategy model.
 LayoutModel HostLayoutEvent.getLayoutModel()
          Return the layout model that was assigned to the host.
 LayoutModel CacheModel.getLayoutModel()
          Return the cache layout model.

Constructors in net.dpml.transit.model with parameters of type LayoutModel
LayoutRegistryEvent(LayoutRegistryModel system, LayoutModel resolver)
          Creation of a new LayoutRegistryEvent signalling the addition or removal of a layout model.
LayoutEvent(LayoutModel model)
          Creation of a new LayoutEvent signalling modification of layout model configuration.
HostLayoutEvent(HostModel host, LayoutModel layout)
          Event signalliing the change to a host layout model.