Package net.dpml.library

Library interfaces.


Interface Summary
Builder A Builder is implementated by a plugin that handles the building of a project.
Data Declaration of a production criteria datatype.
Dictionary The Dictonary interface exposes operations dealing with named properties.
Filter Interface implemented by content filters.
Info Interface implemented by info handlers.
Library The Library interface is the application root for module management.
Module The Modele interface defines a node within a module hierachy.
Resource The Resource interface describes infomation about a published resource.
Type Declaration of a type production.
TypeBuilder Interface implemented by type datastructure builders.

Class Summary
Feature Enumeration identifying resource features.

Exception Summary
DuplicateNameException A DuplicateNameException is thrown when an attempt is made to duplicate an existing named object within a model .
FeatureRuntimeException A FeatureRuntimeException is thrown when a requested for a feature cannot be resolved.
ModuleNotFoundException A ModuleNotFoundException is thrown when a requested for a named module cannot be resolved.
ReferentialException A ReferentialException is thrown when a requested change would result in the creation of a referential integrity issue within a model (such as the removal of a resource referenced by another resource).
ResourceNotFoundException A ResourceNotFoundException is thrown when a requested for a named resource cannot be resolved.
TypeNotFoundException A TypeNotFoundException is thrown when a requested for a named type cannot be resolved relative to the enclosing object.

Package net.dpml.library Description

Library interfaces.