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Packages that use Adapter
net.dpml.transit.monitor A set of classes supporting Transit sub-systems monitoring. Ant tasks supporting Transit-based repository access. 

Uses of Adapter in net.dpml.transit.monitor

Classes in net.dpml.transit.monitor that implement Adapter
 class LoggingAdapter
          Generic adapter that redirects monitor events to a logging channel.

Constructors in net.dpml.transit.monitor with parameters of type Adapter
CacheMonitorAdapter(Adapter adapter)
          Creation of a new adaptive cache monitor.
ConnectionMonitorAdapter(Adapter adapter)
          Creation of a new adaptive connection monitor.
NetworkMonitorAdapter(Adapter adapter)
          Creation of a new network monitor adapter.
RepositoryMonitorAdapter(Adapter adapter)
          Creation of a new repository monito to logging adapter.

Uses of Adapter in

Classes in that implement Adapter
 class AntAdapter
          A ant montor for download messages.