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Uses of Select in org.mortbay.html

Methods in org.mortbay.html that return Select
 Select Select.add(Enumeration e)
 Select Select.add(Object o, boolean selected)
          Add option and specify if selected.
 Select Select.add(Object o, boolean selected, String value)
          Add an option.
 Select Select.add(String[] arr, int selected)
          Build a select from the given array of Strings.
 Select Select.add(String[] arr, String selected)
          Build a select from the given array of Strings.
 Select TableForm.addSelect(String tag, String label, boolean multiple, int size)
          Add a Select field.
 Select TableForm.addSelect(String tag, String label, boolean multiple, int size, Enumeration values)
          Add a Select field initialised with fields.
 Select Select.setSize(int size)
          Set the number of options to display at once