Class Move


public class Move
extends Copy

Moves a file or directory to a new file or directory. By default, the destination file is overwritten if it already exists. When overwrite is turned off, then files are only moved if the source file is newer than the destination file, or when the destination file does not exist.

Source files and directories are only deleted when the file or directory has been copied to the destination successfully. Filtering also works.

This implementation is based on Arnout Kuiper's initial design document, the following mailing list discussions, and the copyfile/copydir tasks.

Ant 1.2

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Constructor of object.
Method Summary
protected  void deleteDir( d)
          Go and delete the directory tree.
protected  void doFileOperations()
          Override copy's doFileOperations to move the files instead of copying them.
 void execute()
          Performs the move operation.
protected  boolean okToDelete( d)
          Its only ok to delete a directory tree if there are no files in it.
protected  boolean renameFile( sourceFile, destFile, boolean filtering, boolean overwrite)
          Attempts to rename a file from a source to a destination.
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Constructor Detail


public Move()
Constructor of object. This sets the forceOverwrite attribute of the Copy parent class to true.

Method Detail


public void execute()
             throws BuildException
Performs the move operation.

execute in class Copy
BuildException - if an error occurs


protected void doFileOperations()
Override copy's doFileOperations to move the files instead of copying them.

doFileOperations in class Copy


protected boolean okToDelete( d)
Its only ok to delete a directory tree if there are no files in it.

d - the directory to check
true if a deletion can go ahead


protected void deleteDir( d)
Go and delete the directory tree.

d - the directory to delete


protected boolean renameFile( sourceFile,
                             boolean filtering,
                             boolean overwrite)
Attempts to rename a file from a source to a destination. If overwrite is set to true, this method overwrites existing file even if the destination file is newer. Otherwise, the source file is renamed only if the destination file is older than it. Method then checks if token filtering is used. If it is, this method returns false assuming it is the responsibility to the copyFile method.

sourceFile - the file to rename
destFile - the destination file
filtering - if true, filtering is in operation, file will be copied/deleted instead of renamed
overwrite - if true force overwrite even if destination file is newer than source file
true if the file was renamed
Throws: - if an error occurs
BuildException - if an error occurs

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