Class Sync.MyCopy

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public static class Sync.MyCopy
extends Copy

Subclass Copy in order to access it's file/dir maps.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void buildMap( fromDir, toDir, java.lang.String[] names, FileNameMapper mapper, java.util.Hashtable map)
          Add to a map of files/directories to copy
 boolean getIncludeEmptyDirs()
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Constructor Detail


public Sync.MyCopy()
Method Detail


protected void buildMap( fromDir,
                        java.lang.String[] names,
                        FileNameMapper mapper,
                        java.util.Hashtable map)
Description copied from class: Copy
Add to a map of files/directories to copy

buildMap in class Copy
fromDir - the source directory
toDir - the destination directory
names - a list of filenames
mapper - a FileNameMapper value
map - a map of source file to array of destination files


public getToDir()


public boolean getIncludeEmptyDirs()

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