Class JarLibDisplayTask


public class JarLibDisplayTask
extends Task

Displays the "Optional Package" and "Package Specification" information contained within the specified JARs.

Prior to JDK1.3, an "Optional Package" was known as an Extension. The specification for this mechanism is available in the JDK1.3 documentation in the directory $JDK_HOME/docs/guide/extensions/versioning.html. Alternatively it is available online at

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addFileset(FileSet fileSet)
          Adds a set of files about which library data will be displayed.
 void execute()
          Execute the task.
 void setFile( file)
          The JAR library to display information for.
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Constructor Detail


public JarLibDisplayTask()
Method Detail


public void setFile( file)
The JAR library to display information for.

file - The jar library to display information for.


public void addFileset(FileSet fileSet)
Adds a set of files about which library data will be displayed.

fileSet - a set of files about which library data will be displayed.


public void execute()
             throws BuildException
Execute the task.

execute in class Task
BuildException - if the task fails.

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