Class WLJspc

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public class WLJspc
extends MatchingTask

Precompiles JSP's using WebLogic's JSP compiler (weblogic.jspc). Tested only on Weblogic 4.5.1 - NT4.0 and Solaris 5.7 required attributes src : root of source tree for JSP, ie, the document root for your weblogic server dest : root of destination directory, what you have set as WorkingDir in the weblogic properties package : start package name under which your JSP's would be compiled other attributes classpath A classpath should be set which contains the weblogic classes as well as all application classes referenced by the JSP. The system classpath is also appended when the jspc is called, so you may choose to put everything in the classpath while calling Ant. However, since presumably the JSP's will reference classes being build by Ant, it would be better to explicitly add the classpath in the task The task checks timestamps on the JSP's and the generated classes, and compiles only those files that have changed. It follows the weblogic naming convention of putting classes in _dirName/_fileName.class for dirname/fileName.jsp Limitation: It compiles the files thru the Classic compiler only. Limitation: Since it is my experience that weblogic jspc throws out of memory error on being given too many files at one go, it is called multiple times with one jsp file each.

 <target name="jspcompile" depends="compile">
   <wljspc src="c:\\weblogic\\myserver\\public_html"
           dest="c:\\weblogic\\myserver\\serverclasses" package="myapp.jsp">
          <pathelement location="${weblogic.classpath}" />
           <pathelement path="${compile.dest}" />


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description, location, target, taskName, taskType, wrapper
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Method Summary
 Path createClasspath()
          Maybe creates a nested classpath element.
 void execute()
          Called by the project to let the task do its work.
protected  java.lang.String replaceString(java.lang.String inpString, java.lang.String escapeChars, java.lang.String replaceChars)
protected  void scanDir(java.lang.String[] files)
 void setClasspath(Path classpath)
          Set the classpath to be used for this compilation.
 void setDest( dirName)
          Set the directory containing the source jsp's
 void setPackage(java.lang.String packageName)
          Set the package under which the compiled classes go
 void setSrc( dirName)
          Set the directory containing the source jsp's
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Constructor Detail


public WLJspc()
Method Detail


public void execute()
             throws BuildException
Description copied from class: Task
Called by the project to let the task do its work. This method may be called more than once, if the task is invoked more than once. For example, if target1 and target2 both depend on target3, then running "ant target1 target2" will run all tasks in target3 twice.

execute in class Task
BuildException - if something goes wrong with the build


public void setClasspath(Path classpath)
Set the classpath to be used for this compilation.


public Path createClasspath()
Maybe creates a nested classpath element.


public void setSrc( dirName)
Set the directory containing the source jsp's

dirName - the directory containg the source jsp's


public void setDest( dirName)
Set the directory containing the source jsp's

dirName - the directory containg the source jsp's


public void setPackage(java.lang.String packageName)
Set the package under which the compiled classes go

packageName - the package name for the clases


protected void scanDir(java.lang.String[] files)


protected java.lang.String replaceString(java.lang.String inpString,
                                         java.lang.String escapeChars,
                                         java.lang.String replaceChars)

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