Class TreeBasedTask.UnmatchedFileMap

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, java.util.Map,
Enclosing class:

protected abstract class TreeBasedTask.UnmatchedFileMap
extends java.util.Hashtable

This class implements a map of existing local files to possibly existing repository files. The map is created by a TreeBasedTask upon recursing into a directory. Each local item is mapped to an unattached StarTeam object of the proper type, File->File and Directory->Folder. As the TreeBased does its work, it deletes from the map all items it has processed. When the TreeBased task processes all the items from the repository, whatever items left in the UnmatchedFileMap are uncontrolled items and can be processed as appropriate to the task. In the case of Checkouts, they can be optionally deleted from the local tree. In the case of Checkins they can optionally be added to the repository.

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Constructor Summary
protected TreeBasedTask.UnmatchedFileMap()
Method Summary
protected abstract  boolean isActive()
          overrides must define this to declare how this method knows if it is active.
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Constructor Detail


protected TreeBasedTask.UnmatchedFileMap()
Method Detail


protected abstract boolean isActive()
overrides must define this to declare how this method knows if it is active. This presents extra clock cycles when the functionality is not called for.

True if this object is to perform its functionality.

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