Contains the Coding checks that are bundled with the main distribution.


Class Summary
AbstractNestedDepthCheck Abstract class which provides helpers functionality for nestedchecks.
AbstractSuperCheck Abstract class for checking that an overriding method with no parameters invokes the super method.
ArrayTrailingCommaCheck Checks if array initialization contains optional trailing comma.
AvoidInlineConditionalsCheck Detects inline conditionals.
CovariantEqualsCheck Checks that if a class defines a covariant method equals, then it defines method equals(java.lang.Object).
DeclarationOrderCheck According to Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language , the parts of a class or interface declaration should appear in the following order Class (static) variables.
DefaultComesLastCheck Check that the default is after all the cases in a switch statement.
DoubleCheckedLockingCheck Detect the double-checked locking idiom, a technique that tries to avoid synchronization overhead but is incorrect because of subtle artifacts of the java memory model.
EmptyStatementCheck Check that finds empty statements.
EqualsHashCodeCheck Checks that classes that override equals() also override hashCode().
ExplicitInitializationCheck Checks if any class or object member explicitly initialized to default for its type value (null for object references, zero for numeric types and char and false for boolean.
FallThroughCheck Checks for fall through in switch statements Finds locations where a case contains Java code - but lacks a break, return, throw or continue statement.
FinalLocalVariableCheck Ensures that local variables that never get their values changed, must be declared final.
HiddenFieldCheck Checks that a local variable or a parameter does not shadow a field that is defined in the same class.
IllegalCatchCheck Catching java.lang.Exception, java.lang.Error or java.lang.RuntimeException is almost never acceptable.
IllegalInstantiationCheck Checks for illegal instantiations where a factory method is preferred.
IllegalTokenCheck Checks for illegal tokens.
IllegalTokenTextCheck Checks for illegal token text.
IllegalTypeCheck Checks that particular class are never used as types in variable declarations, return values or parameters.
InnerAssignmentCheck Checks for assignments in subexpressions, such as in String s = Integer.toString(i = 2);.
JUnitTestCaseCheck Ensures that the setUp(), tearDown()methods are named correctly, have no arguments, return void and are either public or protected.
MagicNumberCheck Checks for magic numbers.
MissingCtorCheck Checks that classes (except abstract one) define a ctor and don't rely on the default one.
MissingSwitchDefaultCheck Checks that switch statement has "default" clause.
ModifiedControlVariableCheck Check for ensuring that for loop control variables are not modified inside the for block.
MultipleStringLiteralsCheck Checks for multiple occurrences of the same string literal within a single file.
MultipleVariableDeclarationsCheck Checks that each variable declaration is in its own statement and on its own line.
NestedIfDepthCheck Restricts nested if-else blocks to a specified depth (default = 1).
NestedTryDepthCheck Restricts nested try-catch-finally blocks to a specified depth (default = 1).
PackageDeclarationCheck Ensures there is a package declaration.
ParameterAssignmentCheck Disallow assignment of parameters.
RedundantThrowsCheck Checks for redundant exceptions declared in throws clause such as duplicates, unchecked exceptions or subclasses of another declared exception.
RequireThisCheck Checks that code doesn't rely on the "this." default, i.e.
ReturnCountCheck Restricts return statements to a specified count (default = 2).
SimplifyBooleanExpressionCheck Checks for overly complicated boolean expressions.
SimplifyBooleanReturnCheck Checks for overly complicated boolean return statements.
StringLiteralEqualityCheck Checks that string literals are not used with == or !=.
SuperCloneCheck Checks that an overriding clone() method invokes super.clone().
SuperFinalizeCheck Checks that an overriding finalize() method invokes super.finalize().
UnnecessaryParenthesesCheck Checks if unnecessary parentheses are used in a statement or expression.

Package Description

Contains the Coding checks that are bundled with the main distribution.

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