Contains the checks that are bundled with the main distribution.


Class Summary
AbstractFormatCheck Abstract class for checks that verify strings using a regular expression.
AbstractHeaderCheck Abstract super class for header checks.
AbstractOption Abstract class that represents options.
AbstractOptionCheck Abstract class for checks with options.
AbstractTypeAwareCheck Abstract class that endeavours to maintain type information for the Java file being checked.
ArrayTypeStyleCheck Checks the style of array type definitions.
CheckUtils Contains utility methods for the checks.
ClassResolver Utility class to resolve a class name to an actual class.
DescendantTokenCheck Checks for restricted tokens beneath other tokens.
FileContentsHolder Holds the current file contents for global access when configured as a TreeWalker sub-module.
FinalParametersCheck Check that method/constructor/catch parameters are final.
GenericIllegalRegexpCheck A generic check for code problems, the user can search for any pattern.
HeaderCheck Checks the header of the source against a fixed header file.
LineSeparatorOption Represents the options for line separator settings.
ModifierOrderCheck Checks that the order of modifiers conforms to the suggestions in the Java Language specification, sections 8.1.1, 8.3.1 and 8.4.3.
NewlineAtEndOfFileCheck Checks that there is a newline at the end of each file.
RedundantModifierCheck Checks for redundant modifiers in interface definitions.
RegexpHeaderCheck Checks the header of the source against a header file that contains a regular expression for each line of the source header.
RequiredRegexpCheck A check that makes sure that a specified pattern exists in the code.
TodoCommentCheck A check for TODO comments.
TrailingCommentCheck The check to ensure that requires that comments be the only thing on a line.
TranslationCheck The TranslationCheck class helps to ensure the correct translation of code by checking property files for consistency regarding their keys.
UncommentedMainCheck Detects uncommented main methods.
UpperEllCheck Checks that long constants are defined with an uppper ell.

Package Description

Contains the checks that are bundled with the main distribution.

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