Constant Field Values

public static final java.lang.String CHECKSTYLE_BUNDLE ""
public static final int ABSTRACT 40
public static final int ARRAY_DECLARATOR 17
public static final int ARRAY_INIT 29
public static final int ASSIGN 80
public static final int BAND 114
public static final int BAND_ASSIGN 106
public static final int BNOT 131
public static final int BOR 112
public static final int BOR_ASSIGN 108
public static final int BSR 124
public static final int BSR_ASSIGN 104
public static final int BXOR 113
public static final int BXOR_ASSIGN 107
public static final int CASE_GROUP 33
public static final int CHAR_LITERAL 138
public static final int CLASS_DEF 14
public static final int COLON 82
public static final int COMMA 74
public static final int CTOR_CALL 43
public static final int CTOR_DEF 8
public static final int DEC 130
public static final int DIV 127
public static final int DIV_ASSIGN 101
public static final int DOT 59
public static final int ELIST 34
public static final int EMPTY_STAT 38
public static final int EOF 1
public static final int EQUAL 116
public static final int EXPR 28
public static final int EXTENDS_CLAUSE 18
public static final int FINAL 39
public static final int FOR_CONDITION 36
public static final int FOR_INIT 35
public static final int FOR_ITERATOR 37
public static final int GE 120
public static final int GT 118
public static final int IDENT 58
public static final int IMPLEMENTS_CLAUSE 19
public static final int IMPORT 30
public static final int INC 129
public static final int INDEX_OP 24
public static final int INSTANCE_INIT 11
public static final int INTERFACE_DEF 15
public static final int LABELED_STAT 22
public static final int LAND 111
public static final int LCURLY 72
public static final int LE 119
public static final int LITERAL_ASSERT 151
public static final int LITERAL_BOOLEAN 50
public static final int LITERAL_BREAK 87
public static final int LITERAL_BYTE 51
public static final int LITERAL_CASE 93
public static final int LITERAL_CATCH 96
public static final int LITERAL_CHAR 52
public static final int LITERAL_CLASS 69
public static final int LITERAL_CONTINUE 88
public static final int LITERAL_DEFAULT 94
public static final int LITERAL_DO 86
public static final int LITERAL_DOUBLE 57
public static final int LITERAL_ELSE 92
public static final int LITERAL_FALSE 134
public static final int LITERAL_FINALLY 97
public static final int LITERAL_FLOAT 55
public static final int LITERAL_FOR 84
public static final int LITERAL_IF 83
public static final int LITERAL_INSTANCEOF 121
public static final int LITERAL_INT 54
public static final int LITERAL_INTERFACE 71
public static final int LITERAL_LONG 56
public static final int LITERAL_NATIVE 66
public static final int LITERAL_NEW 136
public static final int LITERAL_NULL 135
public static final int LITERAL_PRIVATE 61
public static final int LITERAL_PROTECTED 63
public static final int LITERAL_PUBLIC 62
public static final int LITERAL_RETURN 89
public static final int LITERAL_SHORT 53
public static final int LITERAL_STATIC 64
public static final int LITERAL_SUPER 79
public static final int LITERAL_SWITCH 90
public static final int LITERAL_SYNCHRONIZED 67
public static final int LITERAL_THIS 78
public static final int LITERAL_THROW 91
public static final int LITERAL_THROWS 81
public static final int LITERAL_TRANSIENT 65
public static final int LITERAL_TRUE 133
public static final int LITERAL_TRY 95
public static final int LITERAL_VOID 49
public static final int LITERAL_VOLATILE 68
public static final int LITERAL_WHILE 85
public static final int LNOT 132
public static final int LOR 110
public static final int LPAREN 76
public static final int LT 117
public static final int METHOD_CALL 27
public static final int METHOD_DEF 9
public static final int MINUS 126
public static final int MINUS_ASSIGN 99
public static final int MOD 128
public static final int MOD_ASSIGN 102
public static final int MODIFIERS 5
public static final int NOT_EQUAL 115
public static final int NUM_DOUBLE 142
public static final int NUM_FLOAT 140
public static final int NUM_INT 137
public static final int NUM_LONG 141
public static final int OBJBLOCK 6
public static final int PACKAGE_DEF 16
public static final int PARAMETER_DEF 21
public static final int PARAMETERS 20
public static final int PLUS 125
public static final int PLUS_ASSIGN 98
public static final int POST_DEC 26
public static final int POST_INC 25
public static final int QUESTION 109
public static final int RCURLY 73
public static final int RPAREN 77
public static final int SEMI 45
public static final int SL 122
public static final int SL_ASSIGN 105
public static final int SLIST 7
public static final int SR 123
public static final int SR_ASSIGN 103
public static final int STAR 60
public static final int STAR_ASSIGN 100
public static final int STATIC_INIT 12
public static final int STRICTFP 41
public static final int STRING_LITERAL 139
public static final int SUPER_CTOR_CALL 42
public static final int TYPE 13
public static final int TYPECAST 23
public static final int UNARY_MINUS 31
public static final int UNARY_PLUS 32
public static final int VARIABLE_DEF 10

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