Class Summary
FTP Basic FTP client.
FTP.Action an action to perform, one of "send", "put", "recv", "get", "del", "delete", "list", "mkdir", "chmod", "rmdir"
FTP.FTPSystemType one of the valid system type keys recognized by the systemTypeKey attribute.
FTP.Granularity represents one of the valid timestamp adjustment values recognized by the timestampGranularity attribute.
FTP.LanguageCode Enumerated class for languages.
MimeMail Deprecated. since 1.6.x.
RExecTask Automates the rexec protocol.
SetProxy Sets Java's web proxy properties, so that tasks and code run in the same JVM can have through-the-firewall access to remote web sites, and remote ftp sites.
TelnetTask Automates the telnet protocol.