Interface Summary
Touchable Interface to be implemented by "touchable" resources; that is, those whose modification time can be altered.

Class Summary
ArchiveResource A Resource representation of an entry inside an archive.
BaseResourceCollectionContainer Base class for ResourceCollections that nest multiple ResourceCollections.
BaseResourceCollectionWrapper Base class for a ResourceCollection that wraps a single nested ResourceCollection.
BCFileSet Utility FileSet that includes directories for backwards-compatibility with certain tasks e.g.
BZip2Resource A Bzip2 compressed resource.
CompressedResource A compressed resource.
Difference ResourceCollection representing the difference between two or more nested ResourceCollections.
FileResource A Resource representation of a File.
FileResourceIterator Iterator of FileResources from filenames.
Files ResourceCollection implementation; like AbstractFileSet with absolute paths.
First ResourceCollection that contains the first count elements of another ResourceCollection.
GZipResource A GZip compressed resource.
Intersect ResourceCollection representing the intersection of multiple nested ResourceCollections.
JavaResource A Resource representation of something loadable via a Java classloader.
PropertyResource Exposes an Ant property as a Resource.
Resources Generic ResourceCollection: Either stores nested ResourceCollections, making no attempt to remove duplicates, or references another ResourceCollection.
Restrict ResourceCollection that allows a number of selectors to be applied to a single ResourceCollection for the purposes of restricting or narrowing results.
Sort ResourceCollection that sorts another ResourceCollection.
StringResource Exposes a string as a Resource.
TarResource A Resource representation of an entry in a tar archive.
Tokens ResourceCollection consisting of StringResources gathered from tokenizing another ResourceCollection with a Tokenizer implementation.
Union ResourceCollection representing the union of multiple nested ResourceCollections.
URLResource Exposes a URL as a Resource.
ZipResource A Resource representation of an entry in a zipfile.

Exception Summary
ImmutableResourceException Exception thrown when an attempt is made to get an OutputStream from an immutable Resource.