Contains all classes required for the indentation check.


Class Summary
ArrayInitHandler Handler for array initialization blocks.
AssignHandler Handler for assignements.
BlockParentHandler Handler for parents of blocks ('if', 'else', 'while', etc).
CaseHandler Handler for case statements.
CatchHandler Handler for catch blocks.
ClassDefHandler Handler for class definitions.
DoWhileHandler Handler for do...while blocks.
ElseHandler Handler for else blocks.
ExpressionHandler Abstract base class for all handlers.
FinallyHandler Handler for finally blocks.
ForHandler Handler for for loops.
HandlerFactory Factory for handlers.
IfHandler Handler for if statements.
ImportHandler Handler for import statements.
IndentationCheck Checks correct indentation of Java Code.
IndentLevel Encapsulates representation of notion of expected indentation levels.
LabelHandler Handler for labels.
LineSet Represents a set of lines.
MethodCallHandler Handler for method calls.
MethodDefHandler Handler for method definitions.
ObjectBlockHandler Handler for inner classes.
PackageDefHandler Handler for package definitions.
PrimordialHandler A default no-op handler.
SlistHandler Handler for a list of statements.
StaticInitHandler Handler for static initialization blocks.
SwitchHandler Handler for switch statements.
TryHandler Handler for try blocks.
WhileHandler Handler for while loops.

Package Description

Contains all classes required for the indentation check.

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