Uses of Interface

Packages that use Controller
net.dpml.component Interfaces defining the internal 'component' model. 
net.dpml.metro Internal and remote component model management interface. Immutable datatypes used to describe a deployment scenario. 
net.dpml.metro.runtime Metro component model controller implementation. 

Uses of Controller in net.dpml.component

Fields in net.dpml.component declared as Controller
static Controller Controller.STANDARD
          Static default controller.

Methods in net.dpml.component that return Controller
static Controller InitialContext.createController()
          Create the default controller using the default initial context.
static Controller InitialContext.createController(InitialContext context)
          Create the default controller.
 Controller Composition.getController()
          Return the assigned controller.

Constructors in net.dpml.component with parameters of type Controller
Composition(Logger logger, Info info, Classpath classpath, Controller controller, Directive directive, String label)
          Creation of a new abstract composition instance.

Uses of Controller in net.dpml.metro

Methods in net.dpml.metro that return Controller
 Controller ComponentContext.getController()
          Return the current controller.

Uses of Controller in

Constructors in with parameters of type Controller
DefaultComposition(Logger logger, Info info, Classpath classpath, Controller controller, ComponentDirective directive)
          Creation of a new composition diefinition.

Uses of Controller in net.dpml.metro.runtime

Classes in net.dpml.metro.runtime that implement Controller
 class CompositionController
          The composition controller is the controller used to establish remotely accessible component controls.