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Packages that use PartReference
net.dpml.metro Internal and remote component model management interface. 
net.dpml.metro.builder Utilities supporting component definition creation and externalization to/from XML. Immutable datatypes used to describe a deployment scenario. A set of ant tasks supporting the creation of component type and deployment information. 

Uses of PartReference in net.dpml.metro

Methods in net.dpml.metro that return PartReference
 PartReference[] ComponentModel.getPartReferences()
          Return the default set of internal part directives.

Methods in net.dpml.metro with parameters of type PartReference
 void ContextModel.setEntryDirectives(PartReference[] directives)
          Apply an array of tagged directive as an atomic operation.

Uses of PartReference in net.dpml.metro.builder

Methods in net.dpml.metro.builder with parameters of type PartReference
protected  void ComponentEncoder.writeParts(Writer writer, PartReference[] parts, String pad, boolean flag)
          Write a collection of part references.

Uses of PartReference in

Methods in that return PartReference
 PartReference[] ContextDirective.getDirectives()
          Return the set of entry directives.
 PartReference ContextDirective.getPartReference(String key)
          Return part reference defining the value for the requested entry.
 PartReference[] ComponentDirective.getPartReferences()
          Returns the parts declared by this component type.

Constructors in with parameters of type PartReference
ContextDirective(PartReference[] entries)
          Creation of a context directive
ContextDirective(String classname, PartReference[] entries)
          Creation of a new file target.
ComponentDirective(String name, ActivationPolicy activation, CollectionPolicy collection, LifestylePolicy lifestyle, String classname, CategoriesDirective categories, ContextDirective context, PartReference[] parts, URI uri)
          Creation of a new deployment profile.

Uses of PartReference in

Methods in that return PartReference
 PartReference[] PartsDataType.getParts(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Return the set of parts contained within this parts collection.
 PartReference PartReferenceBuilder.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build the part.
 PartReference PartDataType.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build the part reference.
 PartReference EntryDataType.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build a part reference.
 PartReference ComponentBuilderTask.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build a part reference.