Uses of Interface

Packages that use TransitModel
net.dpml.station.server Process management controller implementation. 
net.dpml.transit The transit package contains the primary runtime classes within the Transit resource management system. 

Uses of TransitModel in net.dpml.station.server

Constructors in net.dpml.station.server with parameters of type TransitModel
StationServerPlugin(Logger logger, TransitModel model, String[] args)
          Creation of a new station server plugin for station commandline handling.
RemoteStation(Logger logger, TransitModel model, int port, URL registryStorageUrl)
          Creation of a station instance.

Uses of TransitModel in net.dpml.transit

Classes in net.dpml.transit that implement TransitModel
 class DefaultTransitModel
          The DefaultTransitModel class maintains an active configuration of the Transit system.

Methods in net.dpml.transit with parameters of type TransitModel
static Transit Transit.getInstance(TransitModel model)
          Returns the singleton instance of the transit system.
static SecuredTransitContext SecuredTransitContext.create(TransitModel model)
          Creation of the transit context.