DPML Component Management Platform

net.dpml.library Library interfaces.
net.dpml.library.console Depot build tool command line handler.
net.dpml.library.impl Implementation of the project library supporting module, project and resource managment.
net.dpml.library.info Project, resource and library directives.


net.dpml.depot Depot bootstrap application launcher.
net.dpml.tools Primary interfaces defining a build context and processor.
net.dpml.tools.checkstyle Checkstyle task adapter.
net.dpml.tools.impl Ant plugin and context support.
net.dpml.tools.info Immutable datatypes dealing with the Ant-based builder configuration.
net.dpml.tools.tasks Utility tasks used within the Ant based build system.


net.dpml.lang The lang package contains a small number of generic common utilities used throught the DPML codebase.
net.dpml.transit The transit package contains the primary runtime classes within the Transit resource management system.
net.dpml.transit.artifact Core protocol handler for uris of the form artifact:[type]/[group]/[name]#[version].
net.dpml.transit.console Transit configuration management CLI handler.
net.dpml.transit.info Data structures supporting long term persistence of transit systems configuration.
net.dpml.transit.link Protocol handler for uris artifact links.
net.dpml.transit.local Local preference resource protocol handler.
net.dpml.transit.model The model package contains a set of interfaces that define an active configuration model.
net.dpml.transit.monitor A set of classes supporting Transit sub-systems monitoring.
net.dpml.transit.registry Protocol handler that resolves uri references to a RMI registry via registry:[host]:[port]//[key].
net.dpml.transit.tools Ant tasks supporting Transit-based repository access.
net.dpml.util Common transit utilities.


net.dpml.component Interfaces defining the internal 'component' model.
net.dpml.metro Internal and remote component model management interface.
net.dpml.metro.builder Utilities supporting component definition creation and externalization to/from XML.
net.dpml.metro.data Immutable datatypes used to describe a deployment scenario.
net.dpml.metro.info Immutable datatypes that describe a component type.
net.dpml.metro.runtime Metro component model controller implementation.
net.dpml.metro.tools A set of ant tasks supporting the creation of component type and deployment information.
net.dpml.state The net.dpml.state package defines states, transitons, operations and triggers and a state machine supporting orderly management of state transitions and dynamic operations.


net.dpml.station Server activation framework.
net.dpml.station.builder Utilities supporting registry creation and externalization to/from XML.
net.dpml.station.console Station commandline handler.
net.dpml.station.exec Metro application deployment framework.
net.dpml.station.info Station interface and immutable datatypes.
net.dpml.station.server Process management controller implementation.


net.dpml.http HTTP Server implementation.


net.dpml.cli Commandline modeling and parsing utilities.
net.dpml.cli.builder Helpers supporting the construction of a commandline model.
net.dpml.cli.commandline Commandline implementation.
net.dpml.cli.option Options implementation include command, group, switch and property abstractions.
net.dpml.cli.resource Internationalization resources.
net.dpml.cli.util Commandline utilities including help formatter.
net.dpml.cli.validation Provides classes and interfaces for validating argument values.
net.dpml.i18n Resources supporting internationalization.
net.dpml.logging The net.dpml.logging package provides a simple logging facard API.


Other Packages
net.dpml.test.http Sample webapp test classes.