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Packages that use Type
net.dpml.metro.builder Utilities supporting component definition creation and externalization to/from XML. Immutable datatypes that describe a component type. A set of ant tasks supporting the creation of component type and deployment information. 

Uses of Type in net.dpml.metro.builder

Methods in net.dpml.metro.builder that return Type
 Type ComponentTypeDecoder.loadType(Class subject, Resolver resolver)
          Load a type.
 Type ComponentTypeDecoder.loadType(URI uri, Resolver resolver)
          Load a type.

Methods in net.dpml.metro.builder with parameters of type Type
 void ComponentTypeEncoder.export(Type type, OutputStream output)
          Write the supplied type to an output stream.

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Methods in that return Type
static Type Type.createType(Class subject)
          Utility operation to construct a default type given a supplied class.

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Methods in that return Type
 Type TypeBuilderTask.buildType(Class subject)
          Build the type.
 Type TypeBuilder.buildType(ClassLoader classloader)
          Build a part type.
 Type TypeBuilderTask.buildType(ClassLoader classloader)
          Build the type.

Methods in with parameters of type Type
 PartReference ComponentBuilderTask.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build a part reference.
 PartReference EntryDataType.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build a part reference.
 PartReference PartDataType.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build the part reference.
 PartReference PartReferenceBuilder.buildPartReference(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Build the part.
 CollectionPolicy ComponentBuilderTask.getCollectionPolicy(Type type)
          Return the collection policy.
 PartReference[] PartsDataType.getParts(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Return the set of parts contained within this parts collection.
 ValueDirective EntryDataType.getValueDirective(ClassLoader classloader, Type type)
          Return the value directive.