Package net.dpml.cli

Commandline modeling and parsing utilities.


Interface Summary
Argument An Option that can process values passed on the command line in the form "--file README".
CommandLine Instances of CommandLine represent a command line that has been processed according to the definition supplied to the parser.
Group An Option representing a choice or group of Options in the form "-a|-b|-c".
HelpLine Represents a line of help for a particular Option.
Option The super type of all options representing a particular element of the command line interface.
Parent An Option that can have an argument and/or group of child Options in the form "-f <arg> [-a|-b|-c]".
WriteableCommandLine A CommandLine that detected values and options can be written to.

Class Summary
DisplaySetting An enum of possible display settings.

Exception Summary
OptionException A problem found while dealing with command line options.

Package net.dpml.cli Description

Commandline modeling and parsing utilities.