Package net.dpml.http

HTTP Server implementation.


Interface Summary
BoundedThreadPool.Context HTTP Context handler context defintion.
ConnectorContext Common connector context contract.
ContextHandlerCollection.Parts Internal parts management interface.
ContextHandlerContext Common http context handler context contract.
HandlerCollection.Parts Internal parts management interface.
HashUserRealm.Context HTTP Context handler context defintion.
NCSARequestLogHandler.Context Component context.
ResourceContextHandler.Context HTTP static resource context handler parameters.
SelectChannelConnector.Context Select channel context definition.
Server.Context Component context through which the server configuration uri may be declared.
Server.Parts Internal parts managemwent interface.
ServletContextHandler.Context HTTP static resource vontext handler parameters.
SslSocketConnector.Context SSL connector context definition.
WebAppContextHandler.Context HTTP static resource vontext handler parameters.

Class Summary
BoundedThreadPool Thread pool implementation.
ContextHandlerCollection Context handler collection.
HandlerCollection A collection of handlers.
HashUserRealm Hash user realm with enhanced keystore resolution semantics.
LogAdapter Wrapper to redirect Jetty logging to standard JVM logging.
LoggerAdapter Wrapper to redirect Jetty logging to DPML logging.
NCSARequestLogHandler Wrapper for the Jetty NCSA request logger.
ResourceContextHandler Context handler with enhanced support for symbolic property dereferencing.
ResourceHandler Default implementation of a static resource handler.
SelectChannelConnector Thread pool implementation.
Server HTTP server implementation.
ServletContextHandler Servlet context handler.
ServletEntry A ServletEntry maintains a mapping between a servlet name and a relative path.
ServletHandler A ServletHandler maintains a collection of servlets and a collection servlet name to context mappings.
ServletHolder Servlet classname to name binding.
SslSocketConnector SSL socket connector.
WebAppContextHandler Servlet context handler.

Package net.dpml.http Description

HTTP Server implementation.