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net.dpml.metro Internal and remote component model management interface. Immutable datatypes used to describe a deployment scenario. A set of ant tasks supporting the creation of component type and deployment information. 

Uses of CategoryDirective in net.dpml.metro

Methods in net.dpml.metro that return CategoryDirective
 CategoryDirective[] ComponentModel.getCategoryDirectives()
          Return the component logging categories.

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 class CategoriesDirective
          Description of the configuration of a set of categories.

Methods in that return CategoryDirective
 CategoryDirective[] CategoriesDirective.getCategories()
          Return the set of logging categories.
 CategoryDirective CategoriesDirective.getCategoryDirective(String name)
          Return a named category.

Constructors in with parameters of type CategoryDirective
CategoriesDirective(CategoryDirective[] categories)
          Create a CategoriesDirective instance.
CategoriesDirective(String name, Priority priority, String target, CategoryDirective[] categories)
          Create a CategoriesDirective instance.

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Methods in that return CategoryDirective
 CategoryDirective CategoriesDataType.CategoryDataType.getCategoryDirective()
          Return the category directive.