Immutable datatypes that describe a component type.


Class Summary
CategoryDescriptor A category descriptor describes a logging channel that a component type uses.
CollectionPolicy Collection policy enummeration.
ContextDescriptor A descriptor describing the context that a component declares.
Descriptor This is the Abstract class for all feature feature descriptors.
EntryDescriptor A descriptor that describes a value that must be placed in components Context.
InfoDescriptor This class is used to provide explicit information to assembler and administrator about the Component.
LifestylePolicy Lifestyle policy enumeration.
PartReference A PartReference is a serializable object that contains a key and an associated part.
Priority Logging priority enumeration.
ServiceDescriptor This ServiceDescriptor defines the interface and service version published by a service instance.
ThreadSafePolicy Collection policy enummeration.
Type This class contains the meta information about a particular component type.

Package Description

Immutable datatypes that describe a component type.

Type is an assembly of descriptors of the constraints a component type declares towards a container and includes declaration of service dependencies, Logger establishment criteria, Configuration, Parameters and Context establishment criteria, in addition to human-readable information about the component type.