Uses of Interface

Packages that use Action
net.dpml.metro.runtime Metro component model controller implementation. 
net.dpml.state The net.dpml.state package defines states, transitons, operations and triggers and a state machine supporting orderly management of state transitions and dynamic operations. 

Uses of Action in net.dpml.metro.runtime

Methods in net.dpml.metro.runtime that return Action
 Action DefaultStateMachine.getInitializationAction()
          Locate and return the most immediate initialization action defined relative to the current state.
 Action DefaultStateMachine.getTerminationAction()
          Locate and return the most immediate termination action defined relative to the current state.

Uses of Action in net.dpml.state

Subinterfaces of Action in net.dpml.state
 interface Interface
          An Interface action declares the classname of an interface implemented by a component class that may be dynamically exposed by a component through the assocation of the interface with an active state.
 interface Operation
          An operation defines the name of a bean style accessor that may be invoked by a management application while the operation is exposed within the active path.
 interface Transition
          Interface describing a transition that may be performed under an activate state.

Classes in net.dpml.state that implement Action
 class ApplyAction
          Default implementation of delegating action.
 class DefaultInterface
          Default implementation of an operation.
 class DefaultOperation
          Default implementation of an operation.
 class DefaultTransition
          Default implemention of a state transition descriptor.
 class ExecAction
          Default implementation of delegating action.

Methods in net.dpml.state that return Action
 Action DefaultTrigger.getAction()
          Return the actions that this trigger initiates.
 Action Trigger.getAction()
          Return the actions that this trigger initiates.

Constructors in net.dpml.state with parameters of type Action
DefaultTrigger(Trigger.TriggerEvent event, Action action)
          Creation of a new trigger.