Uses of Interface

Packages that use CodeBaseModel
net.dpml.transit.model The model package contains a set of interfaces that define an active configuration model. 

Uses of CodeBaseModel in net.dpml.transit.model

Subinterfaces of CodeBaseModel in net.dpml.transit.model
 interface LayoutModel
          A LayoutModel maintains information about the configuration of a host or cache layout.

Methods in net.dpml.transit.model that return CodeBaseModel
 CodeBaseModel CodeBaseEvent.getCodeBaseModel()
          Return the codebase model that initiating the event.

Constructors in net.dpml.transit.model with parameters of type CodeBaseModel
CodeBaseEvent(CodeBaseModel source)
          Construction of a new codebase change event.
LocationEvent(CodeBaseModel source, URI plugin)
          Construction of a new codebase change event.
ParametersEvent(CodeBaseModel source, Value[] values)
          Construction of a new codebase change event.