Uses of Interface

Packages that use StrategyHandler
net.dpml.lang Low-level services dealing with part deployment and management. 
net.dpml.runtime Component strategy runtime implementation. 

Uses of StrategyHandler in net.dpml.lang

Classes in net.dpml.lang that implement StrategyHandler
 class AntlibStrategyHandler
          Antlib strategy handler implementation.

Methods in net.dpml.lang that return StrategyHandler
static StrategyHandler PartContentHandler.getStrategyHandler(Class<?> subject)
          Return the strategy handler supporting the supplied class.
static StrategyHandler PartContentHandler.getStrategyHandler(Component annotation)
          Return a strategy handler based on the supplied component annotation.
static StrategyHandler PartContentHandler.getStrategyHandler(Element element)
          Load a potentially foreign strategy handler.

Uses of StrategyHandler in net.dpml.runtime

Classes in net.dpml.runtime that implement StrategyHandler
 class ComponentStrategyHandler
          Strategy handler for the component model.