Uses of Interface

Packages that use ContentManager
net.dpml.appliance Interfaces representing managed processes. 
net.dpml.lang Low-level services dealing with part deployment and management. 
net.dpml.station Application profile and process execution support. 

Uses of ContentManager in net.dpml.appliance

Subinterfaces of ContentManager in net.dpml.appliance
 interface ApplianceContentManager
          Application content manager interface.

Uses of ContentManager in net.dpml.lang

Subinterfaces of ContentManager in net.dpml.lang
 interface PartContentManager
          Abstract base class for artifact content handler.

Classes in net.dpml.lang that implement ContentManager
 class PartContentHandler
          Content handler for the 'part' artifact type.

Uses of ContentManager in net.dpml.station

Classes in net.dpml.station that implement ContentManager
 class ApplianceContentHandler
          Content handler for the appliance artifact type.
 class PlanContentHandler
          Content handler for the plan artifact type.