Uses of Interface

Packages that use ApplianceManager
net.dpml.appliance Interfaces representing managed processes. 
net.dpml.station Application profile and process execution support. 

Uses of ApplianceManager in net.dpml.appliance

Subinterfaces of ApplianceManager in net.dpml.appliance
 interface PlanManager
          Management interface for deployment plan.

Methods in net.dpml.appliance that return ApplianceManager
 ApplianceManager[] ApplianceContentManager.getApplianceManagers()
          Return an array of appliance managers.
 ApplianceManager[] PlanManager.getApplianceManagers()
          Return the array of appliance managers established within the plan.

Uses of ApplianceManager in net.dpml.station

Methods in net.dpml.station that return ApplianceManager
 ApplianceManager[] ApplianceContentHandler.getApplianceManagers()
          Return the set of applicance managers established by the handler.