Class Summary
CSharp Compiles C# source into executables or modules.
DotnetBaseMatchingTask refactoring of some stuff so that different things (like ILASM) can use shared code.
DotnetCompile Abstract superclass for dotnet compiler tasks.
DotnetCompile.TargetTypes Target types to build.
DotnetDefine definitions can be conditional.
DotnetResource Used by DotnetCompile to name resources.
Ilasm Assembles .NET Intermediate Language files.
Ilasm.TargetTypes Target types to build.
Ildasm Task to take a .NET or Mono -generated managed executable and turn it into ILASM assembly code.
Ildasm.EncodingTypes encoding options; the default is ascii
Ildasm.VisibilityOptions visibility options for decoding
ImportTypelib Import a COM type library into the .NET framework.
JSharp Compile J# source down to a managed .NET application.
NetCommand This is a helper class to spawn net commands out.
VisualBasicCompile This task compiles Visual Basic.NET source into executables or modules.
WsdlToDotnet Converts a WSDL file or URL resource into a .NET language.
WsdlToDotnet.Compiler The enumerated values for our compiler
WsdlToDotnet.Schema nested schema class Only supported on NET until mono add multi-URL handling on the command line