Interface Summary
Authenticator Authenticator Interface.
SSORealm Single Sign On Realm.
UserRealm User Realm.

Class Summary
B64Code Fast B64 Encoder/Decoder as described in RFC 1421.
BasicAuthenticator BASIC authentication.
ClientCertAuthenticator Client Certificate Authenticator.
Constraint Describe an auth and/or data constraint.
Credential Credentials.
Credential.Crypt Unix Crypt Credentials
Credential.MD5 MD5 Credentials
DigestAuthenticator DIGEST authentication.
FormAuthenticator FORM Authentication Authenticator.
HashUserRealm HashMapped User Realm.
HTAccessHandler Handler to authenticate access using the Apache's .htaccess files.
JDBCUserRealm HashMapped User Realm with JDBC as data source.
Password Password utility class.
PKCS12Import This class can be used to import a key/certificate pair from a pkcs12 file into a regular JKS format keystore for use with jetty and other java based SSL applications, etc.
SecurityHandler Handler to enforce SecurityConstraints.
ServletSSL Jetty Servlet SSL support utilities.
SslSocketConnector JSSE Socket Listener.
UnixCrypt Unix Crypt.