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Packages that use Element

Uses of Element in org.mortbay.html

Subclasses of Element in org.mortbay.html
 class Applet
          An Applet Block.
 class Block
          HTML Block Composite.
 class Break
          Break Tag.
 class Comment
          HTML Comment.
 class Composite
          HTML Composite Element.
 class DefList
 class Font
          HTML Font Block.
 class Form
          HTML Form.
 class FrameSet
 class Heading
          HTML Heading.
 class Image
          HTML Image Tag.
 class Include
          Include File, InputStream or Reader Element.
 class Input
          HTML Form Input Tag.
 class Link
          HTML Link Block.
 class List
          HTML List Block.
 class Page
          Deprecated. Unless somebody steps forward to update and maintain this package
 class Script
          HTML Script Block.
 class Select
          HTML select Block.
 class Style
          HTML Style Block.
 class StyleLink
          CSS Style LINK.
 class Table
          A HTML Table element.
 class TableForm
          A form laid out in a Table.
 class Tag
          HTML Tag Element.
 class Target
          HTML Link Target.
 class Text
          Deprecated. all Composites now take Strings direct.
 class TextArea
          A Text Area within a form.

Methods in org.mortbay.html that return Element
 Element Element.attribute(String attributes)
          Deprecated. Add element Attributes.
 Element Element.attribute(String attribute, long value)
          Deprecated. Add quoted element Attributes and value.
 Element Element.attribute(String attribute, Object value)
          Deprecated. Add quoted element Attributes and value.
 Element Element.attributes(String attributes)
          Deprecated. Use attribute(String).
 Element Element.bgColor(String color)
          Deprecated. set BGCOLOR.
 Element Element.bottom()
          Deprecated. Bottom align.
          Deprecated. Center.
 Element Element.color(String color)
          Deprecated. set color.
 Element Element.cssClass(String c)
          Deprecated. set CSS CLASS.
 Element Element.cssID(String id)
          Deprecated. set CSS ID.
 Element Element.height(int h)
          Deprecated. set height.
 Element Element.height(String h)
          Deprecated. set height.
 Element Element.left()
          Deprecated. left justify.
 Element Element.middle()
          Deprecated. Middle align.
 Element Element.right()
          Deprecated. right justify.
 Element Element.setAttributesFrom(Element e)
          Deprecated. Set attributes from another Element.
 Element Element.size(int s)
          Deprecated. set size.
 Element Element.size(String s)
          Deprecated. set size.
 Element style)
          Deprecated. set Style.
          Deprecated. Top align.
 Element Element.width(int w)
          Deprecated. set width.
 Element Element.width(String w)
          Deprecated. set width.

Methods in org.mortbay.html with parameters of type Element
 void DefList.add(Element term, Element def)
 void TableForm.addField(String label, Element field)
          Add an arbitrary element to the table.
 Applet Applet.setAlternate(Element alt)
          Deprecated. use add
 Element Element.setAttributesFrom(Element e)
          Deprecated. Set attributes from another Element.