Class HashSSORealm

  extended by
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public class HashSSORealm
extends Object
implements SSORealm

Field Summary
static String SSO_COOKIE_NAME
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void clearSingleSignOn(String username)
          Clear SSO for user.
 Credential getSingleSignOn(Request request, Response response)
          Get SSO credentials.
 void setSingleSignOn(Request request, Response response, Principal principal, Credential credential)
          Set SSO principal and credential.
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Field Detail


public static final String SSO_COOKIE_NAME
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Constructor Detail


public HashSSORealm()
Method Detail


public Credential getSingleSignOn(Request request,
                                  Response response)
Description copied from interface: SSORealm
Get SSO credentials. This call is used by an authenticator to check if a SSO exists for a request. If SSO authentiation is successful, the requests UserPrincipal and AuthUser fields are set. If available, the credential used to authenticate the user is returned. If recoverable credentials are not required then null may be return.

Specified by:
getSingleSignOn in interface SSORealm
request - The request to SSO.
response - The response to SSO.
A credential if available for SSO authenticated requests.


public void setSingleSignOn(Request request,
                            Response response,
                            Principal principal,
                            Credential credential)
Description copied from interface: SSORealm
Set SSO principal and credential. This call is used by an authenticator to inform the SSO mechanism that a user has signed on. The SSO mechanism should record the principal and credential and update the response with any cookies etc. required.

Specified by:
setSingleSignOn in interface SSORealm
request - The authenticated request.
response - The authenticated response/
principal - The principal that has been authenticated.
credential - The credentials used to authenticate.


public void clearSingleSignOn(String username)
Description copied from interface: SSORealm
Clear SSO for user.

Specified by:
clearSingleSignOn in interface SSORealm
username - The user to clear.