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Packages that use LifeCycle

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.component

Classes in org.mortbay.component that implement LifeCycle
 class AbstractLifeCycle
          Basic implementation of the life cycle interface for components.

Uses of LifeCycle in

Classes in that implement LifeCycle
 class SelectorManager
          The Selector Manager manages and number of SelectSets to allow NIO scheduling to scale to large numbers of connections.

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.jetty

Subinterfaces of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.jetty
 interface Connector
          HTTP Connector.
 interface Handler
 interface HandlerContainer
 interface RequestLog
          A RequestLog can be attached to a Server to enable logging of requests/responses.
 interface SessionIdManager
 interface SessionManager
          Session Manager.

Classes in org.mortbay.jetty that implement LifeCycle
 class AbstractBuffers
          Abstract Buffer pool.
 class AbstractConnector
          Abstract Connector implementation.
 class LocalConnector
 class NCSARequestLog
          This RequestLog implementation outputs logs in the pseudo-standard NCSA common log format.
 class ResourceCache
 class Server
          Jetty HTTP Servlet Server.

Methods in org.mortbay.jetty with parameters of type LifeCycle
 void Server.addLifeCycle(LifeCycle c)
          Add a LifeCycle object to be started/stopped along with the Server.
 void Server.removeLifeCycle(LifeCycle c)
          Remove a LifeCycle object to be started/stopped along with the Server

Uses of LifeCycle in

Classes in that implement LifeCycle
 class SocketConnector
          Socket Connector.

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.jetty.deployer

Classes in org.mortbay.jetty.deployer that implement LifeCycle
 class ContextDeployer
          Context Deployer This deployer scans a designated directory by ContextDeployer.setConfigurationDir(String) for the appearance/disappearance or changes to xml configuration files.
 class WebAppDeployer
          Web Application Deployer.

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.jetty.handler

Classes in org.mortbay.jetty.handler that implement LifeCycle
 class AbstractHandler
 class AbstractHandlerContainer
          Abstract Handler Container.
 class ContextHandler
 class ContextHandlerCollection
 class DefaultHandler
          Default Handler.
 class ErrorHandler
          Handler for Error pages A handler that is registered at the org.mortbay.http.ErrorHandler context attributed and called by the HttpResponse.sendError method to write a error page.
 class HandlerCollection
          A collection of handlers.
 class HandlerList
 class HandlerWrapper
          A HandlerWrapper acts as a Handler but delegates the handle method and life cycle events to a delegate.
 class MovedContextHandler
          Moved ContextHandler.
 class RequestLogHandler
 class ResourceHandler
          Resource Handler.
 class StatisticsHandler

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.jetty.nio

Classes in org.mortbay.jetty.nio that implement LifeCycle
 class AbstractNIOConnector
 class BlockingChannelConnector
          Blocking NIO connector.
 class SelectChannelConnector
          Selecting NIO connector.

Uses of LifeCycle in

Classes in that implement LifeCycle
 class HTAccessHandler
          Handler to authenticate access using the Apache's .htaccess files.
 class SecurityHandler
          Handler to enforce SecurityConstraints.
 class SslSocketConnector
          JSSE Socket Listener.

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.jetty.servlet

Classes in org.mortbay.jetty.servlet that implement LifeCycle
 class AbstractSessionManager
          An Abstract implementation of SessionManager.
 class Context
          Servlet Context.
 class ErrorPageErrorHandler
          Error Page Error Handler An ErrorHandler that maps exceptions and status codes to URIs for dispatch using the internal ERROR style of dispatch.
 class FilterHolder
 class HashSessionIdManager
 class HashSessionManager
          An in-memory implementation of SessionManager.
 class Holder
 class ServletHandler
          Servlet HttpHandler.
 class ServletHolder
          Servlet Instance and Context Holder.
 class SessionHandler

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.jetty.webapp

Classes in org.mortbay.jetty.webapp that implement LifeCycle
 class WebAppContext
          Web Application Context Handler.

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.thread

Classes in org.mortbay.thread that implement LifeCycle
 class BoundedThreadPool
          A pool of threads.

Uses of LifeCycle in org.mortbay.util

Classes in org.mortbay.util that implement LifeCycle
 class IO
          IO Utilities.