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Uses of MultiMap in org.mortbay.jetty

Methods in org.mortbay.jetty that return MultiMap
 MultiMap Request.getParameters()

Methods in org.mortbay.jetty with parameters of type MultiMap
 void HttpURI.decodeQueryTo(MultiMap parameters, String encoding)
 void Request.setParameters(MultiMap parameters)

Uses of MultiMap in org.mortbay.util

Subclasses of MultiMap in org.mortbay.util
 class UrlEncoded
          Handles coding of MIME "x-www-form-urlencoded".

Methods in org.mortbay.util with parameters of type MultiMap
static void UrlEncoded.decodeTo(InputStream in, MultiMap map, String charset, int maxLength)
          Decoded parameters to Map.
static void UrlEncoded.decodeTo(String content, MultiMap map, String charset)
          Decoded parameters to Map.
static void UrlEncoded.decodeUtf8To(byte[] raw, int offset, int length, MultiMap map)
          Decoded parameters to Map.
static void UrlEncoded.decodeUtf8To(InputStream in, MultiMap map, int maxLength)
          Decoded parameters to Map.
static String UrlEncoded.encode(MultiMap map, String charset, boolean equalsForNullValue)
          Encode Hashtable with % encoding.