Contains the implementation of the Checkstyle framework.


Interface Summary
ModuleFactory A module factory creates Objects from a given name.
PropertyResolver Resolves properties in module configurations.

Class Summary
Checker This class provides the functionality to check a set of files.
CheckStyleTask An implementation of a ANT task for calling checkstyle.
CheckStyleTask.Formatter Details about a formatter to be used.
CheckStyleTask.FormatterType Poor mans enumeration for the formatter types.
CheckStyleTask.Listener Represents a custom listener.
CheckStyleTask.Property Represents a property that consists of a key and value.
ConfigurationLoader Loads a configuration from a standard configuration XML file.
DefaultConfiguration Default implementation of the Configuration interface.
DefaultContext A default implementation of the Context interface.
DefaultLogger Simple plain logger for text output.
Defn Contains constant definitions common to the package.
Main Wrapper command line program for the Checker.
PackageNamesLoader Loads a list of package names from a package name XML file.
PropertiesExpander Resolves external properties from an underlying Properties object.
TreeWalker Responsible for walking an abstract syntax tree and notifying interested checks at each each node.
XMLLogger Simple XML logger.

Package Description

Contains the implementation of the Checkstyle framework. Developers of plug-ins for Checkstyle should refer to this package to configure and run it.

You should not be referring to this package if you are implementing your own check.

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