Contains the core API to be used to implement checks.


Interface Summary
AuditListener Listener in charge of receiving events from the Checker.
Configurable A component that can be configured.
Configuration A Configuration is used to configure a Configurable component.
Context A context to be used in subcomponents.
Contextualizable A Component that needs context information from it's container to work.
FileSetCheck Interface for Checking a set of files for some criteria.
Filter An interface for filtering AuditEvents.
MessageDispatcher Used by FileSetChecks to distribute AuditEvents to AuditListeners.
TextBlock A block of text from an inputfile that does not necessarily have any grammatical structure.

Class Summary
AbstractFileSetCheck Provides common functionality for many FileSetChecks.
AbstractLoader Contains the common implementation of a loader, for loading a configuration from an XML file.
AbstractViolationReporter Serves as an abstract base class for all modules that report inspection findings.
AuditEvent Raw event for audit.
AutomaticBean A Java Bean that implements the component lifecycle interfaces by calling the bean's setters for all configration attributes.
Check The base class for checks.
DetailAST An extension of the CommonAST that records the line and column number.
FileContents Represents the contents of a file.
FilterSet A filter set applies filters to AuditEvents.
FullIdent Represents a full identifier, including dots, with associated position information.
LocalizedMessage Represents a message that can be localised.
LocalizedMessages Collection of messages.
Scope Represents a Java visibility scope.
ScopeUtils Contains utility methods for working on scope.
SeverityLevel Severity level for a check violation.
SeverityLevelCounter An audit listener that counts how many AuditEvents of a given severity have been generated.
TokenTypes Contains the constants for all the tokens contained in the Abstract Syntax Tree.
Utils Contains utility methods.

Exception Summary
CheckstyleException Represents an error condition within Checkstyle.

Package Description

Contains the core API to be used to implement checks. If you want to implement your own check, you should be referring to this package..

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