Package net.dpml.station

Server activation framework.


Interface Summary
Application Application process controller.
ApplicationListener A ApplicationListener enabled client application to receive notification of high-level application state changes.
ApplicationRegistry Registry of application profiles.
Callback The Callback interface defines a service provider to a process through which the process may issue notification of state change.
Manager Application management center.
RegistryListener A RegistryListener enabled client application to receive notification of the addition and removale of application profiles from the application registry.
Station Application management center.

Class Summary
ApplicationEvent An application registry event.
ProcessState Lifestyle policy enumeration.
ProcessStateBeanInfo Bean info for state encoding of the ProcessState enumeration.
RegistryEvent An application registry event.

Exception Summary
ApplicationException A application exception may be raised by an application controller signalling a general error related to application management.
ProfileException Exception to indicate that there was a profile related error.
StationException A station exception may be raised by the station if an establishment failure occurs.

Package net.dpml.station Description

Server activation framework.