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Packages that use Data
net.dpml.library Library interfaces. 
net.dpml.library.impl Implementation of the project library supporting module, project and resource managment. Project, resource and library directives. 

Uses of Data in net.dpml.library

Subinterfaces of Data in net.dpml.library
 interface Type
          Declaration of a type production.

Methods in net.dpml.library that return Data
 Data[] Resource.getData()
          Return the array of production data.

Uses of Data in net.dpml.library.impl

Methods in net.dpml.library.impl that return Data
 Data[] DefaultResource.getData()
          Return a data directives.

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Classes in that implement Data
 class DataDirective
          Base class for a data directives.
 class TypeDirective
          The ModuleDirective class describes a module data-structure.