Package net.dpml.transit

The transit package contains the primary runtime classes within the Transit resource management system.


Interface Summary
CacheHandler The CacheHandler interface defines the contract for classes capable of supporting the cache management aspects of a transit system.
Disposable The Disposable interface is implemented by a disposable sub-system within Transit.
Layout A Layout abstracts the decoding process of the location of artifacts in various filesystems.
LayoutRegistry A interface supporting access to pluggable content handlers.
ResourceHost An interface that represents locations where the artifacts can be downloaded.
TransitAuthenticator Transit authenticator contract.

Class Summary
Artifact A utility class the handles validation of artifact style uri strings.
ClassicLayout The ClassicLayout decodes artifacts into the Classic/Maven layout of artifacts on a file system or http server.
DefaultModel A abstract base class that established an event queue and handles event dispatch operations for listeners declared in classes extending this base class.
DefaultTransitModel The DefaultTransitModel class maintains an active configuration of the Transit system.
EclipseLayout The EclipseLayout decodes artifacts into the Eclipse specified layout of artifacts on a file system or http server.
Environment Encapsulates operating system and shell specific access to environment variables.
ModernLayout The ModernLayout decodes artifacts into a layout scheme that follows the convention of group/name/version/expanded-name pattern.
SecuredTransitContext The initial context of the transit system.
Transit The Transit class manages the establishment of a singleton transit instance together with a service supporting the deployment of a application plugin and access to transit monitor routers.
TransitBuilder Utility class supporting the reading of Transit XML configurations.

Exception Summary
EnvironmentException A simple wrapper exception around exceptions that could occur while accessing environment parameters.
ModelRuntimeException Exception to indicate that there was a configuration model related error.
NullArgumentException Exception thrown when the argument to a method or constructor is null and not handled by the method/constructor/class.
PluginClassNotFoundException Exception thrown when a plugin class cannot be found.
RepositoryException Exception to indicate that there was a repository related error.
TransitAlreadyInitializedException Runtime exception throw when an attempt is made to initialize transit when an existing Transit instance is already active.
TransitException Exception to indicate that there was an exception related to the transit protocol.
TransitRuntimeException Runtime exception to indicate that there was a transit system error.
UnsupportedSchemeException Exception to indicate that the scheme of a supplied uri is not recognized as a member of the artifact family.

Error Summary
TransitError Critical Transit system error.

Package net.dpml.transit Description

The transit package contains the primary runtime classes within the Transit resource management system.

The principal Transit class is responsible for the establishment of the Transit runtime based on a default or explicit TransitModel. The Transit class provides the internal machinery for a protocol handler dealing with the "artifact" and "link" uri schemes and the corresponding url protocols. In addition Transit provides access to classloader construction services via the following static operation:

Repository Transit.getInstance().getRepository();