Uses of Interface

Packages that use Group
net.dpml.cli.builder Helpers supporting the construction of a commandline model. 
net.dpml.cli.commandline Commandline implementation. 
net.dpml.cli.option Options implementation include command, group, switch and property abstractions. 
net.dpml.cli.util Commandline utilities including help formatter. 

Uses of Group in net.dpml.cli.builder

Methods in net.dpml.cli.builder that return Group
 Group GroupBuilder.create()
          Creates a new Group instance

Methods in net.dpml.cli.builder with parameters of type Group
 CommandBuilder CommandBuilder.withChildren(Group newChildren)
          Specifies the children for the next Command that is created.
 DefaultOptionBuilder DefaultOptionBuilder.withChildren(Group newChildren)
          Use this child Group
 SwitchBuilder SwitchBuilder.withChildren(Group newChildren)
          Use this child Group

Uses of Group in net.dpml.cli.commandline

Methods in net.dpml.cli.commandline with parameters of type Group
 void Parser.setGroup(Group group)
          Sets the Group of options to parse against

Uses of Group in net.dpml.cli.option

Classes in net.dpml.cli.option that implement Group
 class GroupImpl
          An implementation of Group

Methods in net.dpml.cli.option that return Group
 Group ParentImpl.getChildren()
          Return any children.

Constructors in net.dpml.cli.option with parameters of type Group
Command(String preferredName, String description, Set aliases, boolean required, Argument argument, Group children, int id)
          Creates a new Command instance.
DefaultOption(String shortPrefix, String longPrefix, boolean burstEnabled, String preferredName, String description, Set aliases, Set burstAliases, boolean required, Argument argument, Group children, int id)
          Creates a new DefaultOption
ParentImpl(Argument argument, Group children, String description, int id, boolean required)
          Creation of a new ParaentImpl.
Switch(String enabledPrefix, String disabledPrefix, String preferredName, Set aliases, String description, boolean required, Argument argument, Group children, int id, Boolean switchDefault)
          Creates a new Switch with the specified parameters

Uses of Group in net.dpml.cli.util

Methods in net.dpml.cli.util that return Group
 Group HelpFormatter.getGroup()
          Return the group.

Methods in net.dpml.cli.util with parameters of type Group
 void HelpFormatter.setGroup(Group group)
          Sets the Group of Options to document