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Packages that use Directive
net.dpml.component Interfaces defining the internal 'component' model. 
net.dpml.metro Internal and remote component model management interface. Immutable datatypes used to describe a deployment scenario. Immutable datatypes that describe a component type. A set of ant tasks supporting the creation of component type and deployment information. 

Uses of Directive in net.dpml.component

Classes in net.dpml.component that implement Directive
 class Composition
          Component composition.

Methods in net.dpml.component that return Directive
 Directive Composition.getDirective()
          Get the deployment directive.

Constructors in net.dpml.component with parameters of type Directive
Composition(Logger logger, Info info, Classpath classpath, Controller controller, Directive directive, String label)
          Creation of a new abstract composition instance.

Uses of Directive in net.dpml.metro

Methods in net.dpml.metro that return Directive
 Directive ContextModel.getEntryDirective(String key)
          Return the current directive assigned to a context entry.

Methods in net.dpml.metro with parameters of type Directive
 void ContextModel.setEntryDirective(String key, Directive directive)
          Set a context entry directive value.

Uses of Directive in

Classes in that implement Directive
 class ComponentDirective
          Definition of the criteria for an explicit component profile.
 class ContextDirective
          A context descriptor declares the context creation criteria for the context instance and context entries.
 class DefaultComposition
          Component composition.
 class FeatureDirective
          A FeatureDirective declares a context entry that is itself a feature of the component including the component uri, name, working directory, or temporary directory.
 class LookupDirective
          A reference directive is a reference to a part within the enclosing part's context or parts.
 class NullDirective
          A NullDirective is used to mark a solution as resolved on the basis that the solution will be managed by an enclosing component.
 class ValueDirective
          A ValueDirective represents a single constructed argument value.

Methods in that return Directive
 Directive ComponentDirective.getDirective(String key)
          Retrieve an identified directive.
 Directive ContextDirective.getPartDirective(String key)
          Return part defining the value for the requested entry.

Uses of Directive in

Methods in that return Directive
 Directive PartReference.getDirective()
          Return the directive.

Constructors in with parameters of type Directive
PartReference(String key, Directive directive)
          Creation of a new part reference.
PartReference(String key, Directive directive, int priority)
          Creation of a new part reference.

Uses of Directive in

Methods in that return Directive
 Directive ComponentBuilderTask.buildDirective(ClassLoader classloader)
          Build the part.