Uses of Class

Packages that use Enum
net.dpml.component Interfaces defining the internal 'component' model. 
net.dpml.lang The lang package contains a small number of generic common utilities used throught the DPML codebase. 
net.dpml.library Library interfaces. Project, resource and library directives. Immutable datatypes that describe a component type. 
net.dpml.state The net.dpml.state package defines states, transitons, operations and triggers and a state machine supporting orderly management of state transitions and dynamic operations. 
net.dpml.station Server activation framework. Station interface and immutable datatypes. 

Uses of Enum in net.dpml.component

Subclasses of Enum in net.dpml.component
 class ActivationPolicy
          Policy enummeration for the declaration of activation semantics.
 class Status
          Provider deployment status enumeration.

Uses of Enum in net.dpml.lang

Subclasses of Enum in net.dpml.lang
 class Category
          Classoader category enumeration.
 class ValuedEnum
          Basic enum class for type-safe enums with values.

Uses of Enum in net.dpml.library

Subclasses of Enum in net.dpml.library
 class Feature
          Enumeration identifying resource features.

Uses of Enum in

Subclasses of Enum in
static class ImportDirective.Mode
          Mode of inclusion.
static class IncludeDirective.Mode
          Mode of inclusion.
static class ResourceDirective.Classifier
          Resource classifier enumeration.
 class Scope
          Enumeration identifying BUILD, RUNTIME and TEST phases.

Uses of Enum in

Subclasses of Enum in
 class CollectionPolicy
          Collection policy enummeration.
 class LifestylePolicy
          Lifestyle policy enumeration.
 class Priority
          Logging priority enumeration.
 class ThreadSafePolicy
          Collection policy enummeration.

Uses of Enum in net.dpml.state

Subclasses of Enum in net.dpml.state
static class Trigger.TriggerEvent
          Trigger policy enumeration.

Uses of Enum in net.dpml.station

Subclasses of Enum in net.dpml.station
 class ProcessState
          Lifestyle policy enumeration.

Uses of Enum in

Subclasses of Enum in
 class StartupPolicy
          Lifestyle policy enumeration.